PATISSERIE AND ICE CREAM Delicacies to savour

In the spacious rooms that the Buonarroti dedicates to the pastry workshop, three masterful pastry chefs daily use their artisanal skills and creativity in order to prepare, with the help of the most up-to-date machinery, sweet and savoury delicacies for the customers. Pastry-making is an art, and while the artist has to stun and conquer with taste, the eye needs to be pleased too. Traditional products and new creations alike have in common the excellence and freshness of the ingredients, first and foremost butter, sugar, flour, eggs and fruit. Whether it’s for small pastries or cakes of any shape, taste and size, the customers of the Buonarroti know they can count on quality all year round, and even more so during festivities when traditional products as Panettone and Colomba are in great demand. Everyday the workshop dishes out a large selection of simple yet rich traditional biscuits, chocolates and pralines of all kinds and little savoury snacks which are the perfect accompaniment to an aperitif.
The Buonarroti’s pastry chefs are always available to take short-notice orders for everyday cakes as well as towering masterpieces for big occasions like weddings, graduations, christenings and anniversaries. Masterful in cake design, they create multi-layered cakes with decorations inspired by the event to be celebrated. The ice cream parlour is an essential part of the Buonarroti’s history, it represents its roots in the past and will carry on its legacy in the future. Ever since it first opened in the 1930s, when ice cream was a novelty, the parlour has been delighting generations of customers with cones and cups. As when it first started, today the production of ice cream follows the strictest rules inspired by tradition, with no added flavours nor industrial products: milk is used in creamy flavours and water in fruity ones. Two modern stalls, one inside the cafe and one outside, are kept at the optimal temperature to assure quality. Every day, from twelve to fifteen flavours are available: traditional ones such as chocolate, stracciatella and strawberry as well as more modern and exotic ones such as mango. In every spoonful you can taste the best ingredients and the artisanal touch of our chefs.


Desserts are to the dining table what baroque concerts
are to the history of music: a subtle art

- Isabel Allende, Afrodita, 1998 -


Ice cream is my solace / it heals me of every hurt /
icream consoles me / and tingles me with its sweetness

- Skiantos, Gelati, 1979 -

CATERING AND BANQUETING High class service for private and business occasions alike

Thanks to the ample selection of savoury and sweet products made daily in the Buonarroti and to the experience in customer service gained throughout the years, the catering and banqueting services can satisfy any need. Catering can be ordered for quick coffee breaks, business lunches, office aperitifs and conferences as well as for private parties at home or in rented spaces.
Every detail is discussed and agreed upon with the customer with the goal of giving the best possible service in order to please his or her guests and create a joyful convivial experience they will remember. Therefore, both food and drinks are carefully picked and the service adapts to any location and provides high class tableware.


The whole of human history proves the fact that the happiness of a sinful and hungry man, , since Eva ate the apple, depends largely on lunch.

- Lord Byron -

THE TEAROOM An atmosphere of days of gone by

The Buonarroti boasts one of the cosiest and biggest tearooms in Milan. Roughly 120 square metres, luxuriously furnished, which can host up to 60 people. During the cold months, the atmosphere is warmed by a lively fireplace. An oasis of tranquillity and class in the city centre, the tearoom is a lovely place to enjoy a relaxed breakfast, a quick business lunch or a pleasant aperitif with friends.
The free Wi-Fi allows the busiest customers to work all the while enjoying wonderful food and drinks. The tearoom can be booked, entirely or just partially, for all sorts of events, and is well equipped to be the location for business meetings and presentations.


In life there are few lovelier hours than the hour dedicated to afternoon tea.

- Henry James, Ritratto di signora, 1881 -

OUR CONFECTIONS A sweet present dressed with class

The Buonarroti has always been known for the refinement and originality of its confections as well as the quality of its products. Such is the care and dedication put into the creation of confections that no two boxes are alike. Boxes made of fine cardboard or fabric, with satin or organza ribbons and stunning fabric flowers make for confections that will delight the recipient.
A vast selection of ready-made confections, containing chocolates, jellies, marrons glacés and more, is always available in the patisserie, but personalised confections can be ordered in short notice. In any case, the recipient is guaranteed to be awestruck for the container just as much as for its contents.

NEWS We constantly have new ideas in mind

In March 2016, the Buonarroti introduced a new delicatessen counter, enlarging its lunchtime selection of dishes. The menu changes every day and the client can count on an extensive selection of starters, main dishes and salads. From noon to 3pm every day customers can take a break from work to relax and enjoy their meal in the tearoom.
In May 2016 the Buonarroti opened an ice cream stall in the outside seating area, bringing its century-long knowledge of ice cream-making closer to the passers-by, who can now quickly and easily make their day brighter with a tasty cone or cup. A new ice cream stall has been introduced indoors as well, so that service can be assured in the colder winter days too.

OUR HISTORY Timeless tradition

Buonarroti was founded in Milan in 1920, on the homonymous street, in a semi-central area which had been highly influenced by Parisian architecture as well as ennobled in 1923 by the two daring twin buildings built in Piazza Piemonte, called by some skyscrapers. Initially conceived as a dairy shop, the Buonarroti quickly became a name in the neighbourhood, known and relied upon for the quality of its products, regularly received from the farmlands surrounding the city. The owner, Francesco Gavioli, was from Gonzaga (Mantova) and his investments soon brought about success. After a few years, while Milan was still in-between the two wars, he introduced a new and highly-fashionable product: ice cream. With the borrowing of the recent idea of the wafer cone from the US, ice cream sales skyrocketed and the business changed name in Cremeria Buonarroti. It is only after World War II that the founder Francesco Gavioli and his sons Aldo e Adriano moved beyond dairy and started delighting customers with cakes and pastries.
The look of the Buonarroti remained essentially unaltered through many renovations, but it also adjusted to the times, introducing in the 60s a rich aperitif menu and in the 70s an outside area to be enjoyed in the summer. In the 70s, the Regoli family succeeded the Gavioli’s and at the end of the 80s the business was taken up by the Amodeo family. It is in 2013 that the Buonarroti is acquired by Giorgio Canelli and his wife Nadia. A successful entrepreneur in the tourism and chemical fields, Canelli was from Piemonte but had always had Milan in his heart and saw in the Buonarroti the perfect opportunity to fulfill his dream of restoring the prestige of a Milanese institution. Amongst his most recent initiatives is the dairy business Ladybù in Castrocielo, in the Frosinone region. After almost a hundred years since its doors first opened, the Buonarroti, which now proudly boasts the title of “Gran Caffè”, reconnected to its past of dairy shop, all the while never compromising on quality, production or service.

The owners, Giorgio and Nadia Canelli



Monday - Friday 7.00AM - 10.00PM
Saturday 7.00AM - 12.00AM
Sunday 7.00AM - 10.00PM
+39 02 4800 7930 via Buonarroti 9 • Milano • Italy

WHERE? Closer than you think

Right outside the underground station WAGNER
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